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2015-2016 Policies & Procedures

Effective September 1, 2015

Annual Registration Fee Non-refundable (valid Sept ‘15-Aug ’16)  DUE September 10th, 2015

1 student=$25.00          2 students=$35.00                  3 students or more=$45.00

Pro-rated registration fees for midseason registration

January/February/March/April=$12.00 per student             May/June/=$5.00 per student

Monthly Technique Class Tuition                              

$25.00        ½ hour class per week                      $130.00      4 hours per week                   

$38.00        45 minute class per week                 $155.00      5 hours per week

$50.00        1 hour per week                                $180.00      6 hours per week

$80.00        2 hours per week                              $205.00      7 hours per week

$105.00      3 hours per week                              $225.00      UNLIMITED 8 Hours or more

Private Lessons                                                  (master classes & competition classes are not included in Unlimited)

Individual Private $34/half hour

Semi (2or3dancers) $16each/half hour/dancer.  (If only one dancer present for they will be charged as a private lesson)

Sibling Discount         25% off Technique Class Tuition (competition classes/workshops/privates/semi-privates excluded)

Drop In Class Tuition  1 hour= $15     ½ hour= $8     2+hours consecutive on same day= $10/hour

Studio Closures:          Sept 7th Labor Day, Oct 31st Halloween, Nov 26th-29th Thanksgiving,  Dec. 23rd-Jan 1st Winter Recess,  March 21st-25th Spring Break/Easter, May 30th Memorial Day, One week summer break in July TBA.

Tuition Policies 

  • Tuition is due no later than the 5th of each month, regardless of which day of the week it falls on.  $15 late fee will be assessed for Tuition collected after the 5th
  • Once you break the Unlimited Plan and pay by the hour/lesson, you cannot return to the Unlimited Plan in that season, you must pay per class.  (Season runs Sept.-July). 
  • If Tuition is not paid by the 5th of each month, private/semi-private lessons will be cancelled until your account is brought current including late fees. 
  • Checks received with request to “hold” until a specific date, will not be accepted.  
  • There will be a $25 service charge for all returned checks. 
  • You must notify the Office prior to your absence to be eligible for make-up classes. 
  • There are no refunds or credits for missed classes.  Tuition is NOT adjusted for Holidays or Vacations.  Make-up classes are available.  Student has one month to use make-up class credits.  Missed classes will not be applied toward future Tuition.
  • 24 hour cancellation notice required to avoid charges for Privates and Semi-Privates.  If one member of the Semi-Private does not show, for any reason, it will be charged as a Private lesson. 
  • All Privates and Semi-Privates are to be paid in advance or on the day of instruction.  Privates and Semi’s not paid within 72 hours of service will be assessed a $5.00 late fee. 

Class Viewing Policy 

Technique and Recreational classes are open for viewing the first lesson of each month ONLY.  New students may join class mid-month, however, parents of new students will not be permitted to watch unless it is the first lesson of the month. Competition classes will be open for viewing upon the Instructor’s invitation ONLY. 

Private and Semi-Private lessons will be open for viewing upon Instructor’s invitation or pre-scheduled with the Instructor per parent request.

Dress Code

Tot & Combo Classes   Comfortable dance attire and coordinating shoes (tap/ballet slippers/jazz shoes/tennis)

Ballet/Pointe   All Levels: Pink Tights (full footed/convertible), Pink Ballet Slippers/Pointe Shoes, Hair pulled back in neat/secure professional bun with hair pins and hair net, and hairspray or gel.

Pre-Ballet & Level 1: Black or Baby Pink Leotard. Skirt optional.                

Level  2-5: Black Leotard.  No skirts.

Jazz, Tap, Acro & Contemporary                                                        

            Shorts, Capri’s, or “Booty” Shorts (booty tights underneath required)

            camisole, sports bra, tank top, or leotard (no loose, sloppy clothing)

            Appropriate footwear for jazz, tap, contemporary.  Bare foot for Tumbling.

            Hair is to be pulled back off face, unless Instructor requests otherwise.

Hip Hop (dress code does not apply for Tiny Tot Hip Hop)

Loose sweats/capri’s (no jeans, shorts, skirts), Tennis Shoes/Boots Required.

Students who do not follow the dress code including appropriate hair style, will not be permitted to attend class, no refunds or credits will be given. 

Additional Studio Policies

  • Please arrive on time.  Late arrivals disrupt the entire class.  No student will be permitted to enter class if they arrive more than 10 minutes late.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • All dancers must bring the proper shoes to class in a Dance Bag.  Toys, electronics, etc. should be kept at home to avoid distractions.  We ask you refrain from EXTRA LARGE suitcase like bags as they take up a lot of space in the dance rooms, especially if several students in the class have such large bags. 
  • Any student or parent who shows disrespectful behavior toward any teacher, parent, or student will be asked to leave the premises and possibly asked to not return to The Element indefinitely.  Unruly classroom behavior will not be tolerated from any student of any age.  Credits or refund will not be given for missed classes due to behavioral issues.  
  • Please do not interrupt any class or private lesson to talk to the instructor.  Contact the instructor via email, phone, or you may leave a note for them at the front desk. Conversations before and after classes are also discouraged, as that takes class time away from the students who are attending the next class.
  • If there are 3 or less students in a 60 minute class, the class time will be reduced. 
  • Dancers should bring water to class in a spill proof bottle or purchase water from the desk before the start of class.
  • Recreational Performance Classes will perform at our Annual Recital in Spring/Summer, San Diego Fair, and any other performance opportunities that may arise.  All performances are optional.  All costume deposits for “Rec” classes are due no later than February 15, 2016 ($50 per class per student for deposit).  If you join the class after the costume deadline, participation in the performances will be determined by costume availability.  “Rec” class costume range from $50-$100 each. 
  • Deadlines for Miscellaneous Fees (i.e. Costume Fees, Recital Fees, etc.) will be strictly enforced.  All fees are due on the set deadline, regardless of which day of the week they fall on.  You can always mail your payment to ensure they are received on time if the deadline happens to fall on a day you do not attend classes or if it falls on the weekend.  $25 Late fee will be applied for payments received after the deadline for any and all miscellaneous fees.
  • All accounts must be paid current by the end of each month.  If you have an outstanding balance, any monies received will go toward pre-existing balance first, and then toward new charges, regardless if you specifically address which charge your payment is intended.  Oldest charges must be paid prior to any new charges, including late fees.  
  • Mandatory $40.00 Recital Participation Fee is due no later than April 15, 2016 for all dancers who choose to perform in the Annual Recital (all Company dancers required to perform).  


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